About the Journal

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  • Journal Cite Score: 7.85
  • Journal Impact Factor: 2.236
  • Average acceptance to publication time (1-3 days)
  • Average article processing time (7-15 days)

Welcome to the International Journal of Research & Development Organisation (IJRDO), a rapidly growing academic publisher dedicated to advancing knowledge in the diverse fields of Social Sciences. At IJRDO, our primary mission is to foster the publication of high-quality research articles and theses while actively promoting global dissemination of academic information.

Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing is an international open access journal. This quarterly journal of Research & Reviews aims to publish innovative scientific content as research papers, case reports, review articles, short communications, commentaries to name a few.

What we do

Originality at the Core:

At IJRDO, we uphold the value of originality in research. We only consider submissions that are novel and have never been published in any journal, presented in a conference, or currently undergoing a similar process worldwide. By maintaining this strict standard, we ensure that our publications present fresh perspectives and groundbreaking discoveries to the scientific community.

Expert Peer Review:

To maintain the highest level of excellence, all submissions undergo a rigorous peer-review process. We have assembled a distinguished panel of experts in various fields associated with Engineering Sciences to assess the quality, validity, and significance of each manuscript. Our reviewers, renowned in their respective domains, contribute their expertise to ensure that only the most robust and impactful research receives the IJRDO stamp of approval.

International Standards:

At IJRDO, we are committed to adhering to internationally accepted criteria for research publications. We expect submitted manuscripts to meet the highest scholarly standards and follow the prescribed journal style, facilitating effective reviewing and editing. By ensuring consistency and quality, we elevate the value of published work and provide a benchmark for researchers and practitioners alike.

Broad-based Open Access:

As a broad-based open access publisher, IJRDO embraces the principles of accessibility and inclusivity. We believe that knowledge should be freely available for the purposes of teaching, learning, and reference. By providing open access to our articles, we contribute to the democratization of information, fostering a global community of researchers and enabling the free flow of ideas across borders.

Empowering Research and Development:

Our vision at IJRDO extends beyond publishing. We are committed to empowering research and development initiatives worldwide. By offering a rapid turnover time for review and publication, we facilitate timely dissemination of cutting-edge research findings. We strive to be a catalyst for innovation, connecting researchers, practitioners, and academics to fuel collaboration and inspire breakthroughs in Engineering Sciences.

Join the IJRDO Community:

We invite researchers, scholars, and academics from around the world to join the vibrant community of IJRDO. By submitting your research articles to our journals, you can contribute to the advancement of Engineering Sciences and make a lasting impact on the global academic landscape. Together, let us push the boundaries of knowledge and shape the future of research and development.

Discover the IJRDO difference – where excellence, originality, and global dissemination converge.