A Comparative Study in Entrepreneurship Between South Korea and Colombia

  • Dr. Marco Antonio Rojo Gutiérrez
  • Mr. Juan Carlos Olaya Molano
  • Dr. Andres Padilla Oviedo
  • Dr. Juan Ramon Ramirez
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Policy, Innovation, Education, Economic Growth


Entrepreneurship is one of the factors that contribute to economic growth. The present study compares the entrepreneurship between South Korea and Colombia; it identifies best practices that increase entrepreneurship as an ecosystem conditions for both countries. Also, this study provides evidence on how implementing reforms improve entrepreneurship by reducing the processes and number of days required to attain goals. The use of new technologies and organizational innovation allowed improving the processes. Furthermore, creating universal formats reduced the costs throughout the new production unit was established. In addition, transparency, access to information, work regulation, and the government role in creating new companies in respect to demand are topics of a pending agenda in favor of entrepreneurship for both countries.


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Author Biographies

Dr. Marco Antonio Rojo Gutiérrez

Universidad Internacional Iberoamerican (UNINI, Mexico)

Mr. Juan Carlos Olaya Molano

Universidad Minuto de Dios (UNIMINUTO, Colombia)  Universitaria Agustiniana (Uniagustiniana, Colombia)

Dr. Andres Padilla Oviedo

South Texas College

Dr. Juan Ramon Ramirez

South Texas College

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Rojo Gutiérrez, D. M. A., Carlos Olaya Molano, M. J., Padilla Oviedo, D. A., & Ramon Ramirez, D. J. (2017). A Comparative Study in Entrepreneurship Between South Korea and Colombia. IJRDO - Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research (ISSN: 2456-2971), 2(9), 69-81. Retrieved from https://ijrdo.org/index.php/sshr/article/view/859