International Conference on Public Policy Affair ("Exploring Policy Making")



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Conference Sub Themes for Paper Presentation:

1. Macro-economic policies and its effectiveness

2. Performance appraisal of government schemes and programmes

3. Role of think tanks in policy making

4. Public Policy in corporate sector – Strategic Approach to efficieny

5. Environment policy in Developing countries

6. Civic Engagement and Participation

The conference sub themes are merely for representative purpose, any related study in the field of policy making and public affairs would be highly appreciated.

Student Policy Brief Competition:

An exclusive competition for students is organised where teams are given a hypothetical situation a week before the event. Keeping the hypothetical situation as their research problem, a policy must be drafted as a solution the problem.

Full-fledged report needs to be submitted on or before the specific dates.

Apart from that a 250-word Policy Memo addressed to the Chief Minister needs to be drafted, that should make him take notice of the solution and give it further consideration.

Finally, 3 tweets must be drafted that highlighted the policy solution.

10-minute presentation slot will be given to the selected policies to be presented in the Conference.

 Guidelines for Paper Submission:

Abstract Submission by: August 5th 2018

Full Paper By: August 25th 2018


Format for Research Paper:

MS Word, A4 (21cm X 29.7cm) size, Times New Roman font, Font size – 15, Justified, Single spacing between lines and double spacing between paragraphs.


Please email your abstracts to:

 For queries related to Paper Submission and Registration Contact:

Ms Sunanda: +90 9480314302

Ms Shwetha Sharma: +91 9742149465


Conference NOTE:

Till very recently the domain of Public Policy was exclusively meant for government regulations, decisions, decrees and ordinances made behind closed doors. Challenges of huge magnitude exists especially at a time when the world is reeling under the pressures of intolerance, populism, gender injustice, economic protectionism, threat to human rights, environmental degradation and so on.

Therefore, as the foundations of democracy and in the age of digital revolution, people have come to realize that they must no longer remain the recipients of policy enactments, rather have a direct involvement in their formulation.

India lacks non-partisan platforms for debates and deliberations on public policy. Volatile political careers of the legislators at local, state and national level often cloud their vision which demands long-tem commitment for effective and efficient policy that impacts common people. This challenge can be addressed if public opinion around the various socio-economic, political and environment issues are strengthened. This is where public policy plays a major role to ensure sound policies and encourage alternate policy propositions for social justice.

Department of Public Policy, Mount Carnel College, Bengaluru, in association with Impact and Policy Research Institute(IMPRI), New Delhi, attempts to emphasize on the need for sound public policy not just restrained to the government sector. The deliberations and discussions on the significance of effective policy making is streamlined into four sectors – Government, Corporate, Politics and Think Tanks/Research Organizations. Apart from technical sessions students also get to participate in a competition on policy formulation to engender sensitivity on the discipline as well as engage them for constructive nation-building.