About the Journal

We at IJRDO journal of International Relations and Global Strategy stives to deliver an outlook for editorials related to the field of International Relations and Global Strategy. An outlook which welcomes articles and research from the subject pertaining to Global politics, Strategy, Ethics, Economics, Cultures and the nuance of relations cultivated throughout the nations. We endeavor to put in efforts to explore the juxtaposition between the borderline between the subject viz International Relations and other fields of Political sciences. At IJRDO, your articles and editorials are peer-reviewed to satiate the ever-growing human minds which seek to delve into the conceptual work of Relations of International communities and nationals.

Submit your manuscript at Online Submission System or as an E-mail attachment to editor.bma@gnpublication.org

Focus and Scope

This peer reviewed journal includes following topics : 

Human Rights

Women’s Rights


Child Protections

The Philosophy of War


Gender-Based Violence

Social Change


Global politics