IJRDO - Journal of Mathematics (ISSN: 2455-9210) 2019-04-28T11:55:03+00:00 Naeem Akhtar Open Journal Systems <p><strong><em>The IJRDO Journal of&nbsp; Mathematics</em></strong>&nbsp;is a an open access journal which publishes research articles, reviews, case studies, guest edited thematic issues and short communications/letters in all areas of mathematics, applied mathematics, applied commutative algebra and algebraic geometry, mathematical biology, physics and engineering, theoretical bioinformatics, experimental mathematics etc.<br><span style="font-size: 1.5em;"><strong> <span style="color: #fcbd0f; text-shadow: #666666 0px 0px 3px;">Current Impact Factor: 2.410</span></strong></span></p> Algorithms for Finding Shortest Route Network Problem 2019-04-28T11:55:03+00:00 Mobin Ahmad <p>A shortest-path algorithm finds a way containing the negligible cost between two vertices in a diagram, A plenty of most brief way calculations is examined in the writing that range over numerous orders. most brief way calculations in light of a scientific categorization that is presented in the paper. One measurement of this scientific categorization is the different favors of the shorts way issue. There is nobody general calculation that is fit for understanding all variations of the most limited way issue because of the space and time complexities related with every calculation. Other essential measurements of the scientific classification incorporate whether the most limited way calculation works over a static or a dynamic diagram, regardless of whether the briefest way calculation produces correct or surmised answers, and whether the goal of the most brief way calculation is to accomplish time-reliance or is to just be objective coordinated.</p> 2019-04-28T11:54:50+00:00 Copyright (c) 2019 IJRDO - Journal of Mathematics (ISSN: 2455-9210)