• MARILOU B. ADORA, PhD Kalinga State University
Keywords: Graduate Degree, Thematic analyses, NHERA 2, Graduates Students, Researches, Theses, Dissertation


             This study examined the two hundred sixty four (264)  graduate studies dissertation  and master’s theses conducted from  the  (six) 6 Graduate program offerings of the Kalinga State University. It determined the recurrent themes per program and identified the future path of graduate researches that need to be focused or to be explored towards educational and community development.

             It was found that researches conducted under the program, Doctor of Philosophy in Development Education and Master of Arts in Education focused on teaching effectiveness that requires commitment to attain quality education while program evaluation was the main focus of the programs, Doctor of Philosophy in Community, Master in Rural Development and Master in Public Administration. This is an indication that the graduates were trained as future effective and efficient leaders and managers.

             Finally, Master in Business Administration was centered on  Business Management.


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Author Biography

MARILOU B. ADORA, PhD, Kalinga State University

Kalinga State University, Bulanao, Tabuk City
Kalinga Province, Philippines


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