• S. Kavitha
  • Dr. R. Kaniezhil
Keywords: Spectrum Sensing, Dynamic Spectrum Utilization (DSU), Genetic Algorithm, Coverset, Communication


Wireless communication is one of the most in-demand fields of communication nowadays. Due to people's desire to transfer data as fast and broadly as possible, most communication processes are impacted by overloading and spectrum shortage when there is significant network usage. Make use of a cognitive radio network to keep an eye on things automatically, and use the spectrum dynamically to avoid overloading. Instead of evaluating the node's fitness, the CRN will alert the secondary user (SU) of the unused spectrum. To choose the fittest node in an environment with a coverage zone, a cognitive radio network in the proposed work uses a genetic algorithm plus coverset prediction. To address these issues, this paper offers a CRN calculation strategy.


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S. Kavitha, & Dr. R. Kaniezhil. (2024). EFFICIENTLY UTILIZE THE SPECTRUM AND LOAD BALANCING IN COGNITIVE RADIO NETWORK USING GENETIC ALGORITHM WITH COVERSET PREDICTION. IJRDO -Journal of Computer Science Engineering, 10(1), 30-36. https://doi.org/10.53555/cse.v10i1.6058