• A. Prakash Department of Computer Science, Arignar Anna Govt Arts College, Cheyyar
  • T.G. Babu Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Arignar Anna Govt Arts College, Cheyyar
Keywords: New Technology, Electronic Communication, Wireless community, Security Risks qqq


This file gives an outline of  WI-FI networking and descriptions what's required to construct a general-motive WI-FI community. The literature tries to talk about the maximum not unusual place WI-FI technology and their protocols. It then outlines the benefits of WI-FI networking over stressed era. The white paper additionally addresses a number of the essential protection dangers going through WI-FI networks. Various techniques are for the reason that may be used to mitigate those dangers and guard community privateness and protection. It then outlines how WI-FI networks may be utilized in training and schooling, and suggests that training has benefited from the improvement of WI-FI era and the era's price-effectiveness.


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