Vol 5 No 6 (2019): IJRDO - Journal Of Biological Science | ISSN: 2455-7676

Overlooked systems in S. Baron-Cohen’s gender research

Terence Rajivan Edward
Published July 2, 2019
  • systematizing,
  • empathizing,
  • systems,
  • Simon Baron-Cohen,
  • laws,
  • rules
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Terence Rajivan Edward. (2019). Overlooked systems in S. Baron-Cohen’s gender research. IJRDO - Journal of Biological Science (ISSN: 2455-7676), 5(6), 01-07. Retrieved from https://ijrdo.org/index.php/bs/article/view/2949


The professor of psychopathology Simon Baron-Cohen claims that males are on average stronger at systematizing than empathizing and females are on average stronger at empathizing than systematizing. Systematizing is defined as the drive to construct or understand systems. In this paper, I observe that Baron-Cohen overlooks certain examples of systems, examples which lead to doubts about his claim.


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