Antibiotic Resistance Level in Bacterial Isolates from the Kakuri Industrial Drain In Kaduna, Nigeria

  • Haroun A A NDA Kaduna.
  • Magaji Y NDA Kaduna
  • Denwe S NDA Kaduna.
  • Muktar M D Bayero University Kano, Kano
  • Kamaluddeen K k Abertay University Dundee, Scotland.
Keywords: Antibiotic Resistance, Level i, Bacterial Isolates, Kakuri Industrial, Drain, Kaduna


Bacterial isolates from the Kakuri drain in Makera District of Kaduna town were
subjected to antibiotic resistance test using the Kirby-Bauer Disc-diffusion method. A
total of thirty three (33) strains isolated from the drain were tested for their antibiotic
resistance capacity using the M13, M14 and M51 Mastring Discs. The result obtained,
indicated that the strains of Bacteria isolated from the drain are resistant to most of the
tested antibiotics. Data obtained showed that all the isolates had multiple antibiotic
resistance (MAR). All the strains showed resistance to Chloramphenicol (100%) at
25ug; Erythromycin(100%) at 5ug ; Tetracycline(100%) at25ug; Cotrimixazole
(100%) at 25ug; Sulphatriad (80%) at 200ug Augmentin((100%) at 10ug ; Ampicillin
(100%) at 10ug; among others, but were found to be sensitive to Streptomycin(40%) at
10ug on M13; sensitive to a lesser extent to Colostram sulphate(40%) at 25ug and
Gentamicin(40%) at 10ug on M14. While on M51, disk , Strains were only noted to be
sensitive to Gentamicin.


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Author Biographies

Haroun A A, NDA Kaduna.

Dept. of Biological Sciences

Magaji Y, NDA Kaduna

Dept. of Biological Sciences

Denwe S, NDA Kaduna.

Dept. of Biological Sciences

Muktar M D, Bayero University Kano, Kano

Dept. of Microbiology,

Kamaluddeen K k, Abertay University Dundee, Scotland.

School of Science, Environment &Technology

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