IJRDO-Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research.
ISSN : 2456-2971

Volume 1, Issue 12, December 2016
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The trends of employees of the Supreme Council for youth forward novelty and its impacts on the social, economic and political life of youth.
Dr. Mohammad S.K. Jaradat
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Braudel´s model of historical structures and interpretative significance to teach church history in the Slovak school system.
ThLic. Paed Dr. Gabriela Genčúrová
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High Development, Effective Policies, and Human Capital in the face of an intricate International System: A study of Costa Rica’s Path from 1950 to 2000.
Roberto Alejandro Chávez Yumiceba, Jorge Umaña Vargas
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تحليل و تقويم عناصر درس التربيت البدنيت و الرياضيت (الحمل و الشدة.
هواري سعايديت. د
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Contributions of life skills training programs for realizing the rights of children for healthy development.
Belay Tefera
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Dr. Manju shukla
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The Coverage of Jerusalem Issues in ArabicLanguage Satellite TV. Channels; a Comparative Study of Aljazeera, Al Arabiya and Al Alam.
Dr. Mohammed M. H. Shtaiwi
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Evaluation of guidance and counselling services in enhancing sexually abused early childhood learners in Kinangop Sub-County, Nyandarua County, Kenya.
Mary Wambui Ndegwa, Dr. Paul Edabu
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