IJRDO-Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing. ISSN: 2456-298X

Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2017
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Sheoran Kirtika, Singh Pardeep, Yadav Pradeep, Attresh Gyanander
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Early Pregnancy Justification of Low Economic Status “Poverty”: Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health - Health Facility Based Study
WABWIRE Paul Francis and NAMPEWO Evarine
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Exploring the Impact of Specialization as it Relates to Medical and Health Education and its Implications for Advancing Community Health
Bruce Johnston
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Patient simulator to drive diagnostic thinking process and deep learning
Or, P. P. L. So, H.C.F., Leung C.L.C., Chung, J.W.Y
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Molecular studies on E.coli isolate from milk of mastatic cattle with special reference to associated biochemical changes in kaliobea governorate
Mervat E.I. Radwan and Khiary Farouk Abo-Zaid
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