IJRDO-Journal Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering.

Volume 2, Issue 4 , April 2016
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Gesture recognition system for deaf and dumb
Dr. FarooqHussain ,Shivani Gandhi, TanishaNijhawan, VarshaAgarwal, SehbaKhatun, Shana Parveen
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Video Processing: Number Plate Extraction From The Moving Vehicle Using Frame Selection
B. Shanitha, R. Sunitha
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Mohit Kumar, Pragati Gupta, Mohd Wamiq, Abhishek Kumar
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Design of an Automatic Solar Tracking System to Maximize Energy Extraction
Sarvesh kumarYadav, Dhiraj Kumar Mishra, Aditya Shankar, AnujKunar
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Advanced Passenger Security System for Radio Cabs with Video Transmission and Enhanced System Security with Biometric Module
Jyotika Sharma, Mushafiq Hassan Bhat, Stuti Ghildiyal, Danish Bashir
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Study on The effect of magnetic and electrical fields on fetal sexing
Seyed Sajjad Salehi Ghalehsefid
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Analysis of Over-Modulation Technique for SVPWM VFI on the Performance of Induction Motor Drive
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