IJRDO-Journal Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering.

Volume 1, Issue 3 , March 2015
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Peta Hertz Clock based Peta bits per Second Speed PRBS- GPS HDL Transceiver Design for Ultra High Speed GPS Mobile Phone Computing System
Prof P.N.V.M SASTRY, Prof Dr.D.N.Rao
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Alternate Energy Sources
Anutsek sharma
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Economic Analysis of Solar PV System using Maximum Power Calculation of a Solar panel
A.Achuta Rama Vinay, K. Sri Chandan
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Simulation and Analysis of a Static Synchronous Series Compensator for Power System Stability Enhancement with Fuzzy Controller
B.Likhith Kumar, B.Hanumatha Rao
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PSO based Optimal Power Flow for Optimal Placement and Sizing of Static VAR Compensator
K.VinodhKumar, B.SravanKumar
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Integration Of Renewable Energy Sources Using Asymmetrical Multi-Level Inverters
S Siva Sankara Vara Prasad, M.Dileep Krishna
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RFID -GSM Based Vehicle Authentication System
Pranay S. Bhaskar, Pushpak R. Sakhare ,Ruchita A. Gaikwad
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Economical and Efficient Way of Supplying Electricity to Remote Locations
V.A.S. Srinivas, D. Ramesh
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Grid Interconnection of Renewable Energy Sources Using Modified One-Cycle Control Technique
NKV.Sai Sunil, K.Vinod Kumar
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A New Progressive Method for Solving Unit Commitment
N.V.Kaundinya, Ch.Das Prakash
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Extarction of wind power with battery energy storage for critical load condition in grid connected system
M.Srinivasa Naveen, N.Nageswara Reddysh
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